Ancient Skill

Much has been written, filmed and taught publicly in Kyusho recently, mostly on the anatomical targets and the affects.  But nothing has been written on the weapons of ancient times to best attack them or the way in which they are actually used.  We must first remember that Modern Martial Arts is a shadow of the ancient arts through weakening lines of instruction (Lineage), the passing of “Secret” information and the advent of Sport.  The Arts have gotten more complex and acrobatic or athletically involved.  What’s more is with the advent of the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), there is far more technique to study and practice.

Once upon a time the styles were based on fewer techniques, but involved more specialized training to aid those few techniques.  It was not uncommon to have a style composed of 13, 36, 54 techniques, as a matter of fact old Katas or forms were named by how many techniques they contained.  These were names like Seisan (13), Sanseiryu (36), Gojushiho (54) and many others, were used as the styles source techniques or methods.  However what they lacked in numbers they made up for training and conditioning for them.

These old styles would form these particular hand weapons (which can still be seen only in these Katas), but they would spend as much if not more time conditioning them to strengthen, harden or make impervious to damage.  They forged them over time into solid actual weapons by what we would think as extreme and possibly foolish methods.  As an example the fingers would be conditioned first by grasping heavy pottery.  Then slowly increasing the weight by adding water, this developed incredible gripping strength, but more importantly...

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