Hichu:   Windpipe - Attack by Ken, Elbow and Knee Pan

Affects:  Fatal - Because of stoppage of breathing caused by the suppressed windpipe.

As Martial Artists, we have all been taught the throat strike, with a "Tigers Mouth", "Leopard Paw", "Shuto", Etc.. All are potentially deadly as stated by the notes of Hohan Soken. But is there a way to utilize this vital target in a non lethal, yet incapacitating way to fit our more modern needs? The answer is yes, as Kyusho is multi layered with varying degrees of vital internal structures that can be affected with the correct knowledge, tools and trajectories to do so.

And will these methods capture the full dynamic range in violent attack, from the arm or leg distance, to close quarter combat, to the clinch, grappling and even ground fighting? Again yes, Kyusho is blind to ranges and positions, as long as the practitioner has trained ardently with them. So it behooves all Martial Artists to learn and adapt to these Kyusho Targets, under modern restriction and in all dynamic ranges of combat.

To learn the method, targets and see the affect in real time, the extended films are located at these links:

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