Learning & Leading

With Martial Arts training and especially Kyusho, experience has shown us the best ways to learn (or instruct), as well as the less efficient or incorrect ways.

For the average individual time, cost and need dictates most decisions. There is a point to which most people can be overwhelmed with information. This eventually manifests in frustration and loss of self esteem when they can not keep up with the information or its assimilation into skill.

This is one of the main reasons most people stop training quickly (also not achieving their original goal), they are simply overwhelmed. However there are a few that need more information as well and the danger of slowing the training down for those that can not process a lot in a session, means loosing those that can and need more.

This has been the reason in delineating various groups and limiting the information load accordingly. For example you have the hobbiest who needs very little, can handle very little and is there mostly for entertainment and diversion (this is a fragile group).

Next you have a more enthusiastic individual who wants more and actually wants to attain skill over diversion.

Then comes those that want to excel and also help others to do the same.

And finally there is the impassioned individual who truly wants to see others excel and expand their horizons to further help others.

These 4 designated groups must be recognized and guided into the proper setting for their personal needs. When the instructor or coach can aptly understand and implement these aspects all will benefit and stay involved for much longer times.

For more information on how to achieve all your personal Kyusho goals please feel free to contact us so we can guide you in that process.

Here's to your success!

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