Based Shock

Based Concussion

We will be demonstrating and explaining the second type of concussive power, again using one of the more recognizable postures in all Tai Chi Styles is the Pushing Hands (Tui Shao) posture. It’s not just for pushing, in fact they it is a very potent and focused attack for Kyusho, that can be incorporated into your Tai Ghi or other Martial Style.

Concussion is not a simple metric and it can be delivered in many forms and forces. From very focused, to more blunt trauma, to collision and others. And each of these forces have more specific targets in an opponent, that best suits its application.

This is the second of 4 concussive applications, with varying vital targets, that are always available in a given situation. This is a close range combative technique that can easily incapacitate the opponent, especially with this second level of escalation in force issuance.

The second escalation of concussive force in Kyusho, magnifies the shock to the nervous system substantially. As the first concussive action was comprised of stabilization and focus, this next level builds on this to base the concussive as well.

This effects the nerves differently that the simple focal method, that sends an acute neuro message to the central nervous system and brain. This sends multiple message in such a way that it causes great dysfunction in the Body

To learn the method, targets and see the affect in real time, the extended films are located at these links:

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