3 Affects

Most Kyusho practitioners that use "pressure points" know of two points (TW-12 mid Tricep and TW-11 at the elbow). They also know they must be attacked using different "Angle and Direction". However there are actually more targets that are viable on the back of the arm that are not pressure points and all have a different trajectory. This article will add a target, then take the 3 targets and explain the trajectories to cause greater affects.

By understanding the 3 different anatomical structures, we can cause 3 different affects. Also being that they are not just the superficial fascial layer that we are manipulating, we will need a deeper penetration and trajectory to accomplish these affects. As we penetrate deeper with the correct trajectory, we can cause greater neurological shock leading up to unconsciousness and or illness (vomiting, cold sweats and body shakes).

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