This is our 16th Annual International Kyusho Convention.

963848_10200667138465794_1022317072_oWe have given yearly awards for the top Mentor, Researcher, Ambassador and Dedication:

1. Mentor Award, top instructor that gets on the mat and leads by experience. Teaching openly with their heart and soul, in a clear understandable manner.

2. Research Award, given to those that develop and idea or direction of study. Not only bringing new information to light, but also the ability to teach others how to implement the knowledge in their own style.

3. Ambassador Award, will be given to the individual that brings people together. Who has traveled and openly shared Kyusho in many locations around the world.

4. Dedication Award will be given to the individual that displays the most dedication and determination in learning as a student of the art.


Mentor - Max Maislinger, Peter Pinard, Oliver Regnard

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Ambassador - Manfred Meilner, Tom Gallo, Hermann Woodtli, Vincent Pittaro

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Researcher - Manfred Meilner, Richard Emery, Clive Jevons

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Dedication - Ricardo Castro, Gustavo Carneiro, Michael Mann, Kilian Forclaz, Thierry Delhom

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