For those that are on the great new social platform, we are already there and posting with over 400 posts.

We have taken our first two private levels of Health and Wellness program there in posts as well as new information not posted on

The address there is:

So please join this new platform and follow us there as well, just look up Kyusho.

By the way this is so much better than facebook as you get paid for upvoting (Liking a post in Facebook), Sharing and even commenting... so instead of wasting time on facebook,invest it in

So sign-up there for free and look for Kyusho, follow us for more postings and we will follow you back.  Upvote us and comment and we will grow together there.

So far I am posting mostly on Kyusho Health and Wellness, but will eventually add the protection aspects as well.

I am not interacting with Facebook as much thee days as the Steemit platform is my preference.... I have and will be adding films in support of the writings that you can for substantial savings with instant access (Bitcoin only).

We already have fellow Kyusho practitioners there, come join us.



-ep (Evan Pantazi for verification).