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In fighting and especially close quarter fighting (actually where sparring turns into fighting), it is all about reading the opponent and responding (never reacting).

We cannot develop this skill in static Kyusho Practice,nor can we develope it in techniques or Bunkai, it must be developed in transitional application.

The easiest and most proficient way to develop the fully spontaneous method is with transitional drills focused on specific tools, target will begin to present themselves and target recognition will therefore also be developed.

In this instructional we will be working primarily with elbow strikes,the most difficult of all the tools to utilize Properly.

The elbow is powerful any time you use it, but we have all seen many applications where it does not work to end the situation.  This is due to the striking surface being a broad and padded structure... many even practice on the heavybag or focus mitts incorrectly.  They hit with the broad side of the forearm or upper arm, to avoid the skin wear on the tip of the elbow.  However you will only ever do what you ingrain and practice... so we must focus on a way to develop the proper tool as well as target recognition available with them in a fully mobile and transitional way.

We are dedicated to the advancement of Kyusho and it's practitioners so that the rest of the Martial Arts community accept and regard us as viable.  The only way to do this folks, is to work in continuously better ways... this is a step in that direction.

And for all you that instruct, this series is a fun and dynamic way to train your classes, using the same targets (for greater integrity) and new methods of acquisition to keep it fresh, exciting and fun as they workout more and accomplish what is possible for all.  And this is just the introduction in this possibility, there are many layers as well as tangents that this unique set of drills begin to develop and produce.

This is a 23 step training program to help you develop incredible results in close quarter combat.




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Kyusho Up Close - 23 step training program
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