Kyusho Short Course 1

Lung 1, 2, 3 & 4

This film is a short course on Lung 1, 2, 3 & 4, that includes location, explantions, how to strike (angle and direction), some deeper discussion on affects, various methods of use and resorative methods.

The film is a one hour tutorial with a light class type feeling.  However during this short course there are so many details and deeper affects, that even if you know these points or use them regularly, you will learn more.

This was a 2 hour session, edited to one hour... so you could use this as a complete class!

For example in one clip there is a great explanation of the "Heart Revival" that so many peple do not know or comprehend... also in that same clip a comment on colors.  I filmed this short course instead of the regular curriculm training at a monthly Mansfield session and depending on the feedback and popularity, we will offer more.  My thanks to the great guys in Mansfield that have agreed to give uptheir regular training occasionally to offer this for you.

It is also same day access althoughit may take some time to download:

  • Hi Def: 825 MB
  • Standard Def: 373 MB

You can also have this format in your computer, smart phone or pad as well as TV (for smart or HDMI accessible models).

Just like the DVD replaced the VHS, this is the way things seem to be headed. Ohand don't forget you you can just rent it or share it for income too!