Instructor Certification Course

Saturday & Sunday, February 1 & 2, 2020

  • Saturday February 1 will be from Noon -5:00pm
  • Sunday February 2 will be from 11:00am - 4:00pm

Sorry Course Now Closed

For those interested in Teaching Kyusho

This course is a full Kyusho Training and Certification course in two 5 hour days. You will learn and train the information as well as test for your Module one teaching license at the same course. This is to ensure you can pass along and practice the information to your students and add a new and profitable service for yourself.

Instructed and Licensed by Evan Pantazi

This course will be taught by Evan Pantazi, the founder of Kyusho International which has over 260 locations in 45 countries. This program has been successfully taught hundreds of Kyusho Instructors around the world as for use in Civilian, Law Enforcement and Military needs. We have now refined the program to help you learn quickly and benefit right away, to help others gain the power, efficiency and simplicity of Kyusho in all styles and tactical needs.



Learning Center for Martial Arts
397 Oakland Street
Mansfield, MA
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Course Registration

Full Course and License $400.00


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