2015 International Kyusho Convention

torre-belemNovember 13, 14 & 15, 2015

Lisboa, Portugal


The 15th annual
International Kyusho Convention:

And the 2nd Annual Kyusho-Jutsu Kokusai Shihankai gathering

All and Only Kyusho Instructors will be instructing for your full Kyusho Education

You can be a "Featured" or "Premier" instructor:

  • Register with 5 people and you are designated as a "Featured Instructor" (Kyusho Topic of your choice).
  • Register with 10 people and become a "Premier Instructor" you will get your hotel room free (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)... (3 instructional times for your choice of Kyusho related topics).

The International Kyusho Convention 2015 is this year in the beautiful Lisboa, Portugal. It is the biggest Kyusho Event of  each year.


It is open to every style and organisation.

You learn the art of Kyusho from Masters and Instructors from around the world as well as network with Kyusho Enthusiasts worldwide.

Founded in 2001 this course is for Kyusho Enthusiasts of all styles and organizations for Instruction, Training, Demonstrations and Networking with Kyusho Practitioners from around the world... there is something for everyone!

This is an exclusive training and certification program that teaches you in 3 critical ways:

  • You will learn to access the human nervous system to cause physical dysfunction and affect the opponents level of consciousness.
  • Learn quickly as the program brings you to a new level of skill and understanding to fit you personally and your style.
  • Learn efficiency as strength, size and speed are not the goal.  We teach you the weaker anatomical structures of the human body and how to access them correctly, even under stress.
  • Also learn Healing methods for you to help Family and Friends... complete your understanding!
  • Learn Safely with over 50 sessions to choose from and geared to the individual!

Join people from over 30 countries all  for this incredible event!



Hotel Vip Executive Art's
Address: Avenida D. João II, nº 47 - 1998-028 Lisboa
vendas.arts@viphotels.com (Elisabete Reis)


Hotel Tryp Lisboa Oriente
Address: Av. D. João II - Lote 1.16 02B - 1990-083 Lisboa
filipa.mendes@meliaportugal.com (Filipa Mendes)
Coord. GPS 38.7694 (N), -9.0980 (W)



Lisbon Portela International Airport (Airport Code: LIS)



The convention will be held in Lisbon at the Clube Desportivo Olivais e Moscavide.
The address is Rua João Pinto Ribeiro, 103; 1800-233 Moscavide - Parque das Nações.

Map Click Here:  https://www.google.pt/maps/place/R.+Jo%C3%A3o+Pinto+Ribeiro+103,+1800-233+Lisboa/@38.774804,-9.102053,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0xd19322098884521:0x7fefe98d58aa78c



Instructor Designations and Class topics:   more added soon

 EP - Evan Pantazi GR - Gary Rooks  GC - Gustavo Carneiro   JR - Joao Ramalho
 DD - Denis DeLattre  DL - Denis Louvier  VP - Vincent Pittaro  SH - Stephane Hoffart
 AB - Alexis Berjot  MM - Max Maislinger  XV -Xavi Vila  M-M -Manfred Meilner
 DO - Daniel Obon  RC - Ricardo Castro  DUD - Dirk-Uwe Dahm

Friday November 13, 2015

Schedule times and subject to change
Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
15:00-15:45 PM  EP
16:00-16:45 PM  GR
17:00-17:45 PM  JR - Kata Connection  DD - Beginner Targets
18:00-18:45 PM  MM - Tactical Kyusho  M-M -  GC - Systema
19:00-20:00 PM

KI Private Affiliate Sessions SG,TI,CI

Saturday November 14, 2015

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
09:30-10:00 AM Check In Check In Check In
10:00-10:45 AM  XV - Grappling   DD - Beginner Targets  M-M
11:00-11:45 AM  GC - Kobotan   RC - Aikido  DUD - Self Protection KO
12:00-13:00 PM  Lunch Break  ---  ---
13:00-13:45 PM  EP -
14:00-14:45 PM  GR -
15:00-15:45 PM  DO - Systemic (TI-CI only)  JR - Martial Energetics
16:00-16:45 PM  GC - Sticky Hands  DUD -
17:00-18:00 PM  MM - Tactical Kyusho  M-M -
18:00-19:00 PM

KI Private Affiliate Sessions CI

Sunday November 15, 2015

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
09:30-10:00 AM Check In Check In Check In
10:00-10:45 AM  XV - H&W  RC - Krav Maga CI - EP
Kyusho International
11:00-11:45 AM  EP - CI - GR
Kyusho International
12:00-13:00 PM  Lunch Break  ---  ---
13:00-13:45 PM  GR - Testing
Kyusho International
14:00-14:45 PM  DO - Kickboxing  DUD - Sportkarate KO Testing
Kyusho-Jutsu Kokusai Shihankai
15:00-15:45 PM Awards & Demonstrations, 2014 IKC plans
16:00 ... Session for Group Photos and Social Gathering
 * KI affiliates Only  ** KI - CI only


IKC Registration


Why register early???

  • Book early Hotels sometimes fill up quickly!
  • By registration until October 1, 2012 and save money, an additional fee will be added after the October 1st date.

Waiver of Liability: By enrolling and participating in this course you acknowledge and accept the     following terms and conditions:
All physical manipulations of the body can be potentially hazardous. Attendance at this Seminar requires Hands-On training with other participants.  I, the below signed, release: Evan Pantazi, Kyusho International Inc. and all Instructors and agencies associated with this event in any capacity, from any and all liability, that may incur as a result of my willing participation at this event. I also release to Kyusho International Inc, the permission to use my image in any video or picture reproductions.

I understand that by registering online I agree to these Conditions.  (If under 18 years of age, a special form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian).


Also in consideration of my engagement as a model, upon the terms herewith stated, I hereby give to Kyusho International ® it’s officers, legal representatives and assigns, those for whom Kyusho International ® is acting, and those acting with his/her authority and permission:

a) the unrestricted right and permission to copyright and use, re-use, publish, and republish photographic portraits, pictures or video representations of me or in which I may be included intact or in part, composite or distorted in character or form, without restriction as to changes or transformations in conjunction with my own or a fictitious name, or reproduction hereof in color or otherwise, made through any and all media now or hereafter known for illustration, art, promotion, advertising, trade, or any other purpose whatsoever.

b) I also permit the use of any printed material in connection therewith.

c) I hereby relinquish any right that I may have to examine or approve the completed product or products or the advertising copy or printed matter that may be used in conjunction therewith or the use to which it may be applied.

d) I hereby release, discharge and agree to save harmless to Kyusho International ® it’s officers, legal representatives and assigns, those for whom Kyusho International ®, and all persons functioning under his/her permission or authority, or those for whom he/she is functioning, from any liability by virtue of any blurring, distortion, alteration, optical illusion, or use in composite form whether intentional or otherwise, that may occur or be produced in the taking of said picture or in any subsequent processing thereof, as well as any publication thereof, including without limitation any claims for libel or invasion of privacy.

e) I hereby affirm that I am over the age of majority and have the right to contract in my own name. I have read the above authorization, release and agreement, prior to its execution; I fully understand the contents thereof. This agreement shall be binding upon me and my heirs, legal representatives and assigns.  Any and all litigation will be held and or prosecuted under and in the legal jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA.



Tests will be available for all levels

All Certifying Instructor Test fees must be paid in full prior to testing at the IKC.

Kyusho Testing



Please check with your local governments




About the convention payment, it possible use paypal method, using the e-mail galeria@quadradoazul.pt, but they also need to send the payment confirmation copy to the email ikc2015portugal@gmail.com


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