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Kyusho International®

Kyusho Control Tactics Program

US Licensing Course

May 16 & 17, 2009

Certified Instructors
Evan Pantazi  

Course Developer

Training in Judo began in 1975.  A real incident brought me to seek not just these technical Arts but a less regimented and more natural method for protection and in teaching others to protect themselves within legal parameters.

Instructing internationally in:  Australia, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.

  • Introduction to Judo (1975)

  • Wing Chun (since 1975)

  • Kempo (since 1976)

  • BA Education (1980)

  • Kempo Instructor (since 1980 - turned full time professional in 1985)

  • Chi Gong (certified therapist - since 1984)

  • Tai Chi Chuan - Tong Bei - Ba Gua - (Bo Sim Mak - since 1985)

  • Wushu - Rich Branden (1985)

  • Varied Jujitsu Styles (since 1990)

  • Small Circle Jujitsu (Professor Wally Jay, Leon Jay and Ed MeLaugh - since 1992

  • 4th Dan American Kenpo (from the late Professor Cerio - since 1993)

  • Tui Na (certified therapist - since 1995)

  • Awarded "Distinguished Service Award" (from Jujitsu America 1996)

  • Developed a Kyusho Training program for Uechi Ryu style (1997)

  • Shihan Title awarded (George Mattson I.U.R.K.F - 1999 for contributions to Uechi)

  • Founded www.kyusho.com currently the largest website for Kyusho Education in the world (1999)

  • Awarded the 1999 "Kokua Award" (for contributions to Small Circle Jujitsu by Professor Wally Jay 2000)

  • Concieved Kyusho International Curriculum and Business Plan (2000)

  • 7th Dan Ryu Kyu Kempo (2001) 

  • Founded Kyusho International ® (2003)

  • Schools and affiliates in 30 Countries

  • Freelance Writer appearing in 72 Countries for Black Belt US, Budo-Finland, Artes Guerras, Budo International, Combat, Playboy Slovenia, SA Martial Arts, Blitz and several other Publications.

  • Featured on the cover of 6 Martial Arts Publications in several Countries.

  • International Instruction of Kyusho in al styles of Martial Arts, beginning in 2000 encompassing 20 Countries

  • International Instruction for Military, Secret Service, Law Enforcement and Emergency Personnel (Spain, Sweden, USA, Finland, Belgium, UK, France and South Africa).

  • Founder of Kinetic Intent TM

  • Published Author of "Kyusho Jitsu Vital Ponts", "Vital Concepts", "Advanced Concepts" and "Intimacy Enhancement" published in 5 languages in 72 Countries

  • Guest of 14 TV and Radio Programs in 5 Countries

  • Initiated the ongoing Kyusho Medical Research Project, 2003

  • Instituted the Kyusho Health & Wellness Program 2003

  • Instituted the Kyusho Intimacy Enhancement Program 2003

  • Instituted the Kyusho Energy Program 2003

  • Completed Video Curriculum for Kyusho International 2007 (begun in 2002) released in 5 languages in 72 Countries.

  • Instituted Kyusho Law Enforcement Program 2008 - compiled over 12 years of instructing Law Enforcement agents in 15 countries.

Jim Corn  

Certified Module 1

License # KTCP0001

Jim Corn is the executive officer for Force Options and oversees operations abroad. Mr. Corn served both as a US Army paratrooper as well as a police officer. Additionally he is one of the highest ranking Kyusho Jitsu instructors in the world. He travels around the world teaching the practical use of pressure point techniques. He has been active in teaching pressure point work and combatives for almost four decades. He has been featured in numerous DVDs on the subject and is one of the best known experts in the world.

Mr. Corn is the founder and president of Copperhead Road Defensive Firearms Training. He is a master pistol shooter and considered to be a gifted gunfighter. His firearms experience adds a depth to Force Options that can not be matched by any civilian organization.

My name is Jim Corn and I started Karate in 1969.  My first instruction was at a Seibu-Kan dojo in Washington Indiana , at the age of 15.  I had received the rank of brown belt before entering the United States Army at age 18.  While I was in the Army I trained as a light weapons infantryman and paratrooper.  At that time I was assigned to the 1st/509 Airborne Brigade in Mainz , Germany as part of the 8th Infantry Division.  During my time in the military I competed on the 1st/509 Airborne Brigade Boxing Team.  My military training also afforded me the opportunity to study other forms of martial arts, such as Tae-Kwan-Do, Judo, Fencing, and Shoto-Kan Karate.  Leaving the military in 1974 I started studying Katai-Te-Ryu under 8th Dan Gene Gross. Master Gross was a personal student of Mamoru Yamamoto, the founder of Yoshi-Kai. Master Gross also trained  Doctor Chitose, the founder of Chito-Ryu.  After an extended study of the martial arts in Japan , Master Gross returned to the United States .  Upon his return he created a style known as Katai-Te-Ryu, which is a blend of the principles of Yoshi, -Kai and Chito-Ryu.  I studied under Master Gross until 1986 when I began studying RyuKyu Kempo under Master George Dillman.  Having attained a 4th Degree Black Belt Katai-Te-Ryu, I found the principles of Kyusho-Jitsu and Tuite to be the missing key that I had searched for in the martial arts.  I then became a full-time student of Master Dillman.

I met Master Dillman at Indiana University and became fascinated with Master Dillman’s theory of Kata Bunkai, according to the principles of Chinese medicine.  I began to follow Master Dillman around the United States in order to learn his principles and theories.  Along the way, I was fortunate enough to train with other notable instructors.  Those instructors included, Professor Wally Jay, and Remy Presas.  I currently hold the rank of 8th Dan under Master Dillman.  During my study with all instructors I owned and operated my own martial arts school in Petersburg , Indiana from 1979-2004.

 I considered myself very fortunate to be able to take part in spreading the principles of Kyusho-Jitsu throughout the world.  Now as a founding instructor and Master Level instructor for Kysho International, I have expanded my interest in Kyushu-Jitsu to include Chi Projection and other energy work and mind-body intregration through visualization.  I consider the Kyusho International curriculum combined with visualization techniques the fastest way to learn Kyushu-Jitsu.  I continue my research into Chi development and Mind-Body Integration by teaching seminars in the United States and around the world on these topics and other aspects of the Kyusho International Syllabus.

During my studies I have developed four training DVD’s that contain several aspects of the arts that I teach.  These DVD’s are broken down by levels and contents so that they are educational on all martial arts levels.  The DVD’s are sold through Kyusho International and private sales in the US and Internationally.

Having grown up in a rural area I literally grew up carrying a .22 rifle, through the fields and the woods.  I was also very lucky in having a father that had a vas knowledge of all types of firearms. I benefited from that knowledge long before I ever entered the military. After the Army I became interested in handguns and have been a competitor in USPSA/IPPSC matches since 1979. 

I have attended shooting schools throughout the country to include both rifle and pistol courses.  I have attended courses at Front Sight, Handgun 101 with Cumberland Tactics, and Advanced Tactical Handgun with America Small Arms Academy .

I was asked by Evan Pantazi to create a defensive firearms course for Kyusho International in 2006.  This resulted in the Kyusho Tactical Applications Course (K.T.A.C.) which is a unique course that contains several different area. The course combines pressure point striking, defensive handgun, weapons disarms, and offensive edged weapons techniques. 

I have been a Master Level Instructor with Kyusho International since it’s inception and continue to teach their syllabus for pressure point striking throughout the world.  I presently work as an instructor for Kyusho International as the head of it’s Tactical Program and Master Level Certifying Instructor. I am also an Executive Officer for Force Options.   

Fred Mastison  

Certified Module 1

License # KTCP0002


The President and founder of Force Options Tactical Training Service.

Mr. Mastison is a professional firearms, defensive tactics, personal protection instructor. He has been training in CQB / CQD style combatives for over three decades and is recognized internationally as one of the top Defensive Tactics instructors in the world.

Mr. Mastison is currently a member of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association. He has produced several DVDs with topics ranging from advanced defensive tactics to advanced knife defense and firearms training. He is currently completing a book on the subject of Defensive Tactics training and instruction. His defensive tactics courses are recognized and certified by several state law enforcement POST agencies and officers receive professional credit for attendance.

In addition to defensive tactics training, Mr. Mastison is a professional firearms instructor. He is a distinguished graduate of Front Sight defensive handgun and holds an expert rating in rifle. He is nationally NRA certified instructor in pistol, shotgun, handgun, home firearm safety, personal protection in the home, and one of a handful certified to teach personal protection outside the home. He holds an expert rating in light automatic weapons and is regularly in demand for automatic weapons courses.

Over the last 15 years Mr. Mastison has work with hundreds of personnel from different agencies. His courses have been used to augment and modify defensive tactics courses and firearms training all over the United States. Below is a condensed list of agencies and individuals he has worked with:

  • U.S. Army 1st Infantry Division
  • 1st I.D. Long Range Surveillance Detachment
  • U.S. Army Rangers
  • U.S. Marine Corps MCAS Miramar PMO - Marine Security Detachment
  • U.S. Army 7th Special Forces Group
  • U.S. Marshals Service
  • Jackson County Sheriffs Department - WY
  • Athens Police Department -GA
  • Maricopa County Sheriffs Office - AZ
  • Nashville Metro Police Department -TN
  • Sevier County Sheriffs Office - TN
  • Tennessee Emergency Management Agency
  • Tennessee Bail Enforcement Agency
  • Killdeer Police Department - IL
  • Galesburg Police Department - IL
  • Jackson Police Department - WY
  • Bureau of Land Management Law-Enforcement Division
  • Department of the Interior
  • Mesa SWAT - AZ
  • Chandler Police Department - AZ
  • Tempe Police Department - AZ
  • Scottsdale Police Department - AZ
  • North Palm Beach Police Department - FL
  • Lyons Police Department - IL
  • Northfield Police Department - IL
  • Glencoe Police Department - IL
  • Bellwood Police Department - IL
  • City of Chandler, Arizona
  • City of Glendale, Arizona
  • City of Phoenix, Arizona
  • City of Manhattan, Kansas
  • Junction City, Kansas
  • Matson Navigation - International Shipping

In 2002 Mr. Mastison was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame for his achievement in the Martial Arts (Aikido) and again in 2004 as the Defensive Tactics Instructor of the Year. Additionally, Mr. Mastison is an instructor and private contractor for executive & dignitary protection and private security consultant for U.S. and International Corporations.


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