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The human body is a maze of intricate intertwining energy throughout our nervous system that allow for heightened states of sensitivity, emotion and consciousness.  We can feel all of these to certain extents and realize this heightened awareness in states of arousal, actually hungering and striving for them.  By understanding what is happening and how to increase these and new sensations and/or states of arousal, we can achieve even more pleasure.

In a day where boredom and routine close us in, we see escalated accounts of marital breakups and sexual dysfunction.  Also we are living longer lives with stress and unfulfilled aspirations… sexual exchange is our relief, our escape, our passion.  This simple guide should be used as that, a guide to let you understand the process, the possibilities and the pleasure.  It is just a key to open the creative and intuitive abilities you hold to sooth as well as excite your chosen partner.  Helping couples get more intimate and closer in their relationships.

Please also understand that the journey is far more enjoyable than the goal.

Kyusho International ® is the world's leader in the pressure point arts and has a proven set of programs to increase your income potential. Integrated in 30 Countries and hundreds of locations around the world!

A word from our Model, Anna Isabel

I'm sure that almost all of you believe you know perfectly your body, but we really know of it is very few. I never imagined that there where some points in my body that correctly stimulated will produce me pleasure and excitation, I've never explored more than the ones everybody knows and we believe are the only ones, but thanks to great Master Evan Pantazi that gave me the opportunity to participate in the photographs for this interesting and wonderful book I've been able to discover and sense points in my body that were slept.

Our body is our most appreciate richness and fountain of wellness, due to that it's essential know it deeply, love and take care of it. It's incredible what you can feel. When you discover it, you'll be grateful surprised.

Anna Isabel - Film and Photographic Model
Madrid, Spain


Seguro que mucho de ustedes creen conocer a la perfeccion su cuerpo. pero en realidad lo que conocemos y sabemos de el es muy poco.  Nunca me imagine que habian puntos de mi cuerpo que al estimularlos me produjeran placer y  exitacion, jamas habia explorado mas alla de aquellos que todos conocemos y creemos son los unicos, pero gracias al Gran Maestro Evan Pantazi que me dio la magnifica opportunidad de participar en las fotografias para este interesante y maravilloso libro, he podido descubrir y sentir puntos de mi cuerpo que tenia dormidos.

Nuestro cuerpo es nuestra mayor riqueza y fuente de bien estar, por ello es esencial conocerlo en profundidad, cuidarlo y amarlo.  Es increible lo que puedes llegar a sentir, cuando lo descubras te sorprenderas.

Anna Isabel - Film, Television and Radio Star, Photographic Model
Madrid, Spain



Added information and companion to the Reference Guide - Each DVD is in  Languages:


The DVD: €35.00 EURO


80 page Intimacy Reference Guide with photos and explanation (English Only)

The Book: €20.00 EURO


The complete package for added education and skill development (order both and save on Shipping)

And as a special offer, (only when you order from, each order will receive an exclusive free report that will not be publicly available, to assist your training further!

The Set: €55.00 EURO


Special Courses

Special Courses are available, if you are interested in holding one in your area, contact to find out how!



I wanted to write you a quick message about the Intimacy Enchancement Series. I purchased the series from you at the Cincinnati seminar. As I explained there, my wife has Lupus and Fibromyalgia and it is sometimes frustrating in the area of intimacy for both of us. I must say that the program is very easy to understand and to implement at a moments notice. My wife was amazed at how the soft manipulation of pressure points can increase the sexual desire and physical reaction that occurred. She stated that it was the best $$ that we ever spent. I will not go into much depth but to say that I can't wait to go more in depth and to duplicate the sensations for her pleasure and my satisfaction. Great Job!
One side effect was the enormous (her words) appetite that she had the next day.


Richard - (USA)
I have already received the video and the book of Kyusho Intimacy Enhancement , My congratulations to Mr. Pantazi by this brilliant work... a work wonder.

Cristóbal - (Spain)

Hello Evan,

I wanna give you some feedback for the book and the dvd. First of all it workes great. I tried some things out and it is wonderfull. The difference is extreme. But some Things maby for you.

For me it is a workguide but I know Kyusho. But I heard from some people that they did not know what you mean with energie and fire and wood and so on, cause there is a little problem. The translation from the book is bad. In English it is no problem to understand you but when you hear the translation in german you realice that the translator has no idea from Kyusho. The location or description of some points for example ST-17 is wrom and if you wanna search for it in acupunktureguides you never find them. They called it “Bauch-17”, but the right description is “Magen-17”. Also the part with the energy is not optimal in german. On dvd you can change the language but the book is in german and you can not change.

Please see this as an information. This is an wonderfull book and dvd and it is sad that it becomes difficult to understand cause of translation mistakes. For me it does not matter cause I know what you want and it is and workes wonderfull. Thank you very very mutch for this!

Best regards

Ben - (Germany)

Well sir, I've been asked to convey a thank you your way for publishing this so here it is. Definitely looking forward to levels 2 and 3.

Nathan - (USA)


After carefully reading the book and watching the DVD there comes a time, like every other aspect of Kyusho, to put the theory to the test.

Of course I'm not giving details, but the results were surprising! My wife was a bit sceptical at first (but what else is new in Kyusho?) but there were definately good reactions!!  This daring new concept is absolutely very valuable and usable for everyone.

The thing that surprised me the most was the fact that we touch a lot of points already without the real intent. I guess they are all in our nature already, we only have to adjust a little bit or get more intention into the points.

Thank you very much for sharing this! It's a great adventure.. 

Marc - (Netherlands)

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