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Kyusho translates as “Vital Point”, whether it is the Human Anatomy or in life processes and Health maintenance.

The human body functions from electrical impulses from the brain, down the spine then out to the peripheral nerves as well as organs and bowels to sustain life.  This energy as it flows through the body also produces a second level of energy, being an electromagnetic field.

This energy has been labeled by each culture for thousands of years as Chi, Ki, Qi, Gi, Prana, a vital, life-sustaining force of living beings and vital energy, comparable to the Chinese notion of Qi. Prana is a central concept in Ayurveda and Yoga.

Human energy can be released, enhanced and controlled through ancient energy exercises such as Chi Gung, Yoga and many others as well as modern methods. This 9 step process is the most comprehensive and advanced publicly available.  The start with a single simple exercise and work through more complex stages so you are not overwhelmed.  They are also incorporated in a way that after accomplishing all 9 steps, will be automatic and take only 10 - 15 minutes a day (compared to hours of standing meditation of other methods).

We present an online educational program that you work in the privacy of your own home to harness this powerful life changing processes. 

Step 1. The Key Element for all energy work
Step 2. The correct method of "Small Circulation"
Step 3. The correct method for the "Full Circulation"
Step 4. The most advanced instruction of "Ba Duan Gin"
Step 5. The secret skill of "Buddha Palms"
Step 6. The reality of the fire called "Kundalini"
Step 7. The release of internal "Body Electricity"
Step 8. The true inner power of "Sanchin"
Step 9. The amazing abilities of "External Projection"

Kyusho International ® is the world's leader in the pressure point arts and has a proven set of programs to increase your income potential. In just 4 years this program has been integrated in 30 Countries and hundreds of locations around the world!

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