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'Nanban killing style martial arts' the head family the Third
'Nin-jutu koga style' the Fourteenth

His rare and incredible work on the inner secrets of the Martial Arts has finally been translated into English and truly an indispensable book for any Kyusho enthusiast or Dim Mak proponent.

"The secret of martial arts,the manual of '"Atemi" killing and reviving style".

164 pages of incredible detail and instruction not only from Fujita's personal style but also these:


  • Seigo-Ryu
  • Seishin-Ryu
  • Araki-Ryu
  • Takenouchi-Ryu
  • Iga-Ryu
  • Seigo-Ryu
  • Kajiwara-Ryu
  • Butsutai-Ryu
  • Shinshin style'
  • Ka shima shin po style
  • Sekiguchi shinshin style
  • Shin tou riku gou style
  • Kou dou kan style (judo)
  • Shi shin style
  • Yagyu heart style
  • Shinto style
  • Tenshin Masaki style
  • Syoulinzi style
  • There are 365 points in the human body, and 360 points of them are used for cauterization, 26 attack points and 24 closing points are used in Syournzi style
  • Vital organ points showed in Bubishi
  • prohibited points Sumo
  • Shishintakyukan
  • ...even Western Boxing


This book is really a special part of Martial Arts History.

It does not relate Kyusho or the Killing points in TCM terminology, it states clear concise actions that will bring about certain medical problems to the recipient.


- "If you hit or press the point outside of chest teat muscle and above shoulder shade tongue bone muscle by chop, enemy gets faint because of two stimulations in lung stomach nerve(first vagus nerve) and diaphragm nerve, the pressure in neck artery or trachea, and breathing stop."

- " ...If you hit or press the hollow in the middle of ..... bone and chest bone upper end by fist, enemy gets faint because of respiratory part's jam caused by lung problem with pressure in neck artery and trachea."

- "... by fist or elbow, enemy gets faint because of beating between lung stomach nerve and sympathetic nerve, abnormal blood circulation or breathing faint. This point is called long arrow's point."


Here is a bit of Fujita’s introduction:

“This book shows the right places of most effective vital organ parts in anatomical diagrams, which based on the result of a long-term human body anatomical research for the secrets of killing and reviving way inherited by each traditional style's.

And this book also shows the effective way of hitting for those places and the reasons of  suspended animation and faint from the medical view.

Therefore, if you learn the places of vital organ points and the effective way of hitting them, you will obtain the way of knocking down enemies with one stroke or reviving them of your own will . “

(Available eBook format that will lock onto one computer (English only) on Windows or Macs with Virtual Windows capability.)

Access Here:  https://www.kyusho.com/fujita/?s2-ssl=yes

 This is not a download, this is a new web based manual that can be accessed from your computer or any web based pad or smart phone.

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