Be in a Kyusho Video

Did you ever want to be in a Kyusho video like the ones on, YouTube or Budo International?

Well this is your Opportunity as we will be doing a public and private filming like the one pictured in the video above.

There will be an Instructional Video as well as a seminar video made in Prague, Czech Republic on February 21 -  23, 2020 at the combined public and instructor seminar.

This is your Opportunity

Over the year I have invited many people to the filming of the Kyusho curriculum series and special other filming. However I have not invited the public to be an integral part of a new film exclusive. All you need to do is, attend the seminar for the two days and you will become a part of this film. The program will be educational and dynamic as you take Kyusho and Infuse it into dynamic fighting application. The Brilliant Video production Artist, Zuzana Mazacova, will be filming throughout the weekend as well as producing the quality films you see above

Crowdfunding These Videos

These films will be exclusive for our Crowd Funders only as they will not be available anywhere else at this time. So to get a copy please fund below...

Reserve you copy before February 1, 2020, but don't wait... it may escalate in price (currently $50.00 USD)!

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Thank you for your Generosity and Philanthropy



For the Instructional Video Filming, only Kyusho International Certifying Instructors may participate. 

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