Collaboration is the key to success

All through Kyusho's modern history and even in ancient times, collaborative efforts to gain more knowledge, skill and understanding (you can never fully understand if you do not apply the knowledge hands on to develop the skill), in all Martial Arts and styles.

Today most Martial Artists are separatist, they stay within their own sphere, never reaching out to develop themselves more. This is called centralization and a recipe for decay. Kyusho (International) works in the de-centralized model, developing groups around the world and helping them grow stronger and deeper knowledge and skill.

This is now the second collaborative effort between Master Chip Quimby (7th Dan Uechi Ryu) and Evan, integrating Kyusho in Uechi Kata. This particular session was geared more toward practical and usable self protection and street tactics. It ranges from positioning, to preemptive action, through joint locks and grappling (standing to ground).


Approximately 4 hours -  Course Film $75.00

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