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“Kyusho Self Protection” for Women (2nd level of escalation)
Let’s face it the martial arts are filled with Women’s self-defense programs, which the name alone is a recipe for failure.  The term "Self Defense" has a negative connotation that from the start can yield failure for the user.  The problem is that this label already portrays in the mindset that the individual is a victim of a violent act or aggression and that the practitioner should perform a defensive action.  This premise of acting after the fact is why most people succumb to the aggressors’ actions and never fully recover from the initial attack or fear inducing situation. If a Woman thinks or takes a defensive mentality or action based training, they open the door for many problems in an altercation with a predatory and aggressive societal deviant.  In taking the defense, they are allowing the attacker to initiate and build momentum in their attack.  Being the typically smaller, weaker and less aggressive type, the female is now at an even greater disadvantage as the mindset actions and aggressiveness were not intercepted and allowed to gain.  The Woman must not become defensive; she must be aware of her situation and not dismiss or ignore possible threat, she must become proactive and gain the initiative and momentum while manipulating the attackers’ mindset to have a possibility of advantage. This extension of the first very successful and highly acclaimed Kyusho Self Protection 1st level program gets into the increased escalation of force by the attacker. Proper tools must be trained that will be natural for the gender in accordance with the gross motor skills that are natural for the individual.  This will increase their efficiency and affect without possible injury to themselves.

KSP-2Many physical skills you believe to possess (and do in the perfect environment), will be unusable when the adrenaline surge strips you of variable sensory, mental and muscle comprehension, processing or control.  It will also spark an escalating or snowballing effect on the individual as more and more personal control is lost.

The first skill that will evaporate is complex series of actions (exactly what stylistic techniques are), if you were counting on these, then you will be in a totally foreign position, this will lead to further ....

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Trainee: Danielle Halley

Photos by: Brian Hall -


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