Kyusho - Unlimited Bunkai

Learning Kyusho gives us the ability to create unlimited Bunkai, or work with spontaneously even though there are set targets and weapons to apply.

Well in the past I decided to experiment with one posture found in most Karate Kata, the cup and saucer position (Koshi-Gamae or Hip Prepatory Position). I set out with around 50 Bunkai for this action all infused with Kyusho applications as opposed to being a preparatory move. I ended the year with a total of 164 different applications ranging from striking to tuite to ground fighting...all including KO's.

Once you know Kyusho, the Targets, Tools and Trajectories to directly access the internal anatomical structures that control the function of the body, there is no limit to what you can accomplish, find and multiply from within your own style. Free yourself to the idea that Kata is what ever you want it to be, but to make it far more powerful and unlimited, Kyusho is the key to open these doors for you.

Here is a compendium of ideas from Kyusho practitioners, all with their individual take on the Koshi-Gamae for you to get an idea of what different minds can envision using the Kyusho targets, with the tools of Kata.

Special Thanks to:

  • Mike Hebert
  • John Hagman
  • Cody Robyn
  • Anthony Rotella
  • Marshal Wolff

To Learn Real Kyusho visit: for over 100 full length videos with history, breakdown, analysis, demonstration and training approaches.



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