Five Star Blocking (五方向運動)

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Ok sure in can be a blocking drill, and arm conditioning drill, a sticky hand drill...but it can also be used offensively and defensively (if you do defense instead of protective action).

To explain this more clearly we will take a small pattern of arm movement that involves 5 actions (so called Gock Ng Sing… 5 Star Drill), from Wing Chun.  This pattern is derived from a larger body of actions that comprise a component of a larger collection of components that complete a full style.  But by using the action first in conventional (non Kyusho) use and only illustrate the action, we will see the layer most Martial Arts instruction achieve.

Further exploration will then uncover deeper and vaster levels of possibility with the Kyusho targets.  Then we can add a variety of other possible multiple targets, then add the dynamics of various attack scenarios working solely with this action and targets then adding multiple style use, we can show you just a small glimpse of possibility far beyond the general appearance that Kyusho will reveal for you.

Here are two examples from the internet search:





Now there is way more we can add when the knowledge of Kyusho is added, as it converts any exercise, drill or Kata into it's own infinite universe of possibility for the user.


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