Kyusho Tactics Course

October 3th, 4th & 5th, 2008

Accredited Course:

Course Instructors:

Jim Corn                  &            Fred Mastison

Bring you safely through the most intense Kyusho Program ever offered.


Learn and feel the reality of the knife and gun with live action!

 Work with Gun Handling, Safety and truly Dynamic Live Firing sequence training.

Rapid Fire and controlled targeting to assure accurate shooting skills  from concealed and tactical position to become ready for the street situation!

Rapid blade work working with multiple angle and cutting techniques.  Understanding the awesome capabilities of this deadly weapon.

Learn realistic defense against these weapons!

Get the training that will count in a real situation with stress and it's limiting factors.

Day 1: Advanced Weapon Skill Development

Day 2: Advanced Weapon Defensive Tactics

Day 3: High Stress and Environment Challenge Course


Certificates of Accreditation

in Kyusho Tactics will also be awarded for this course!

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Deal with scenario training for inside a building as well as on the street!

We set you up for success in the Course and for real situations.  Working with defensive and survival tactics for outdoor or indoor attack possibilities. 

This first level Tactical course will give you the skills and confidence that you will need to handle a real encounter. 

If you think you knew Kyusho... wait until you train Tactics, your skills, understanding and conceptions will be forever changed... for the better.

No other Kyusho training course give you such an advantage!

Reality stress training - Can you handle it?

Waiver of Liability:
All Martial Arts can be physically hazardous. Attendance at this Seminar requires Hands-On training with other participants.  I, the below signed, release: Evan Pantazi & Jim Corn, Kyusho International Inc. and all Instructors and agencies associated with this event in any capacity, from any and all liability due to injury, etc, that may incur as a result in my  participation at this event. I also release to Kyusho International, my release to use my image in any video or picture reproductions.

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I understand that by registering online I agree to these Conditions.

(No one under 18 years of age or with criminal background permited).

Course Costs  - do not include amunition, food, lodging and or travel.

Course Restriction:

Strict Limit to 15 Persons (No Exceptions)

Enrolment Remaining:

Only ___  registrations left

Date Restriction: Non-Refundable registration must be paid prior to: September 15, 2008
Contatct Information Jim Corn (001)    812-354-6524  OR E-Mail
Directions: From Evansville, IN airport:
Hotel: Coming Soon!

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