Seizing – Iron Claw

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Out of the ancient text of the Bubishi, there are 6 hand positions or weapons formed called the “6 Ji hands”. One particular hand posture is called the Iron Claw.

This weapon is not new to most in the arts as it is one of the more common weapons. However it is not typically employed as was intended, nor is it typically taught to target Kyusho or Dim Mak in modern times. This is a very versatile weapon that originally targeted the weaker anatomical structures of nerve and blood vessels. These Kyusho and Dim Mak targets can be located and attacked using this weapon on the wrist, forearm, upper arm, neck, face, even minimally on the leg.

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First there was video tape, then DVD's, next it was streaming video or mp4 downloads, now we introduce the web Book... an interactive full scope educational medium to help yu learn from the interactive multi media experience.  You get instant access to the entire book brken down into more sepcific chapters to gain greater focus, each page with fully translatable text, streaming video, 5 layer adaptable anatomical charts and with the Gold Subscription and interactive discussion frum access to the author and other practitioners fromaroundthe world.  This is the most compprensive educationaltool available today.

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  • 13 chapters of the Interactive Web Program
  • 5 layer anatomical Target Charts
  • Written description of use and application
  • A video of each method application and results on a human being (1 hour of video) that will play on all mobile devices as well as your computer, pad or laptop.. even on your TV.
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