Evan Pantazi's first book in full color with photos by Master Photographer Alfredo Tucci!

Evan Pantazi, is one of the most respected worldwide exponents of this surprising Art, presents and demonstrate in this fifth video the pressure points of the legs.  This is a detailed study and analysys of diverse and practical application and their effects.  Learn how to incapacitate the opponent by dysfunctioning the control of their legs with minimum force.  This is an indespensible video to know where and how to strike, without a doubt one of the fundamental aspects for any Martial Art!

The first book of Kyusho Instructor Evan Pantazi is a comprehensible guide the helps anyone from Novice to Expert understand how Kyusho can be learned as well as integrated into your personal style.

Published in 5 languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian), This full color book presents a series of articles that clarify what Kyusho is and what it is not. This is the most in depth look at Kyusho-Jitsu / Dim Mak, ever presented. 

This valuable text also complements and follows the step by step process of the video series also available!


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Kyusho is going through a tremendous re-birth these days. The architect of this re-discovery and its enormous success is Master Evan Pantazi. His series of seminars, his methodology, and undoubtedly, his videos and DVD, are facilitating an expansion of the study of this aspect of Martial Arts that was unthinkable before, an aspect that, though existing as a common base and substratum in the majority of the styles, has frequently been forgotten or put off in virtue of less subtle formulations when it comes to considering a fight with an adversary.  It is true that some people have expected Kyusho to be a kind of panacea that would consign lesser importance to any other training, while others have simply rejected it without knowing it. As always, the truth is more moderate than its preachers.

Kyusho, as Evan Pantazi teaches it, is a marvelous complement to any martial style. It allows us to know our body much better and in consequence, those of others; it allows us to optimize our weapons, as much in defense as in attack; to experience the knowledge of tradition; to innovate and familiarize ourselves with the unknown possibilities of our Martial Art, showing us how to have, in a subtle way, the most efficient formulas in the application of the martial techniques, concentrating our attacks and defenses on specific areas of the body where we know (with scientific evidence!) there are accumulations of energy or centers of energetic diffusion, or if you prefer… nerve, muscular, tendon and vein centers that are accessible and which, for their placement and characteristics, provoke effects on the organism far superior to those that we can habitually expect from a similar power attack on a different area.

In this book we have compiled the information that Master Pantazi has been explaining month to month in Budo International magazine, including the introductions that I have written to present his projects. In this way, those who studying the matter will have more ordered and complete access to all of this extremely interesting material, revised and enriched.

Alfredo Tucci - Managing Director of Budo International

Budo International Publishing Co.


First off, let me say that I’m not a person who has always been a fan of Kyusho. Much of what is being passed off as Kyusho type skills in the past, has struck me as being less than honest and often misleading. In my nearly 50 years teaching the martial arts, I’ve seen many “tricks” and “illusions” passed off as fighting skills. Most were simply circus tricks designed to capture an audience’s attention. In old China, this type of demonstration was performed on street corners, accompanied by an impressive sales speech designed to sell the audience a “snake oil” type of medicine, purported to heal everything from ingrown toenails to cancer.

When Mr. Pantazi asked me to read his Kyusho Jitsu manuscript and write my impressions of the book, he knew that my review might not be favorable. As it turned out, reading his book was an unexpected pleasure, as the information contained in the pages turned out to be highly important and new martial art knowledge, presented in a concise and easily understood manner. Certainly, there are many variables involved in real life combat situations and the subject is not one to be mastered in a book or video.  Mr. Pantazi acknowledges this and points out that the book is designed to inform the reader that such a skill is possible and potentially available to the average person and he strongly recommends extended study with a qualified instructor to master this art.

Unlike other books on the subject of self defense, Mr. Pantazi doesn’t overwhelm the reader with hundreds of complex techniques and exercises. His recommendation to focus on a few practical, reliable and easily learned actions will provide the student who is willing to devote some time to practicing these movements, with a dependable and workable self protection weapon. I was also impressed with the way Mr. Pantazi was able to describe how people like myself… martial artist… could incorporate Kyusho Jitsu with their specific brand of karate, jujitsu, judo etc. He gave a number of excellent examples of Kyusho Jitsu applications found in all styles. As a Uechi-ryu teacher, I immediately saw many useful and specific Kyusho Jitsu in the Uechi-ryu sets I’ve been practicing most of my life.

In a sense, these practical uses for formerly abstract movements have given an expanded and improved life to my fighting art style.

George E. Mattson, Hanshi, 9th degree black belt

International Uechi-ryu Karate Federation



Evan and I became aquainted through the study of Kyusho-Jitsu and pressure points, he is not only a true martial artist, but he has also been a great friend. Some people have dreams, some people have goals, Evan has taken both and made them a reality. He wanted a place where martial artist of all styles could come together and have a question and answer forum, and today we have the Kyusho International Forum one of the best on the web today. He wanted to make the art of Kyusho-Jitsu available to all of those who wanted to learn, both the martial arist and the non-martial artist. The drills that he has incorporated into his system can make anyone proficient with the striking techniques, and the location of the pressure points. He has made it possible for the martial artist that dosen't apply katas to their styles a way to become certified in the art of Kyusho-Jitsu. Evan has given a great deal of himself, in time, study and the promotion of other martial artist to make this dream a reality. Through hard work and dedication he has given not only myself but others the opportunity to teach in places that I would never even imagined that I could go. I have never known anyone that is more dedicated to the study and advancement of the art of

Kyusho-Jitsu. A true martial artist trains the mind, the body, and the spirit. A true teacher will pass all of these attributes on to his students. I see Evan Pantazi as both. In the pages of this book I hope that you can find the answers for your personal journey in the study of Kyusho-Jitsu.

Jim Corn, 8th Dan RyuKyu Kempo


Kyusho Jitsu has been a big part of my martial arts career and life. Evan Pantazi has been a visionary and standard bearer in the martial arts world, as related to Kyusho. His words and deeds have paved the way for many to pursue a higher education about how the body works.

This book will surely set the standard for people who seek answers and a higher purpose to their training. Shihan Pantazi's contribution / legacy to the martial arts will be solidified within the pages of this book for future generations. Theorganization that he has created, Kyusho International, is thestandard bearer for how this vital information should be disseminated. You will find extremely insightful informationcontained in this book will not only change the way you look at the martial arts, but the body as a whole.

In closing, I wish to thank Shihan Pantazi for his friendship throughout the years. He has always been a man of his word and has backed it up through his tireless efforts to spread the art of Kyusho Jitsu in a safe and beneficial way for all.

Mark Kline. 7th Dan Ryu Kyu Kempo.

1st Dan Small Circle Jujitsu

1st Dan Modern Arnis - 1st Dan Tang Soo Do


Kyusho Jitsu is something that should not be overlooked within any given martial art. It is an effective targeting system that enhances any style. It can take the training and turn it into a study of martial arts, a unique stepping stone to many other areas of martial art. Turns kata into something living and fundamental to your practice. Moreover, it encourages a safe environment. The study of Kyusho brings an interest in the anatomy of the body, an additional study often overlooked.

Master Evan Pantazi has skill in abundance in Kyusho Jitsu and a teaching skill of the highest quality. This combination makes this book on Kyusho Jitsu a must for any serious Martial Artist. This book reads in the same manner as Master Evan Pantazi's seminars, clear, precise and very enjoyable. His experience of teaching, knowledge and practice of kyusho ensures that you will return to this text for all your references in the practice and performance of Kyusho Jitsu.

Jim Hulse

Chief Instructor for Kyusho International (UK)

Renshi 7th Dan Uechi Ryu Karate


All serious practitioners of Martial Arts know that there are certain principles that govern technical executions, whether offensive or defensive; to physics we know the principle that "force is equal to the mass times the square of the velocity" (F = M x V squared), that is, to increase the force applied to a strike, greater speed is required. To that we must add the fact that to affect a point (read damage tissue or an organ) we must concentrate the force using the greatest part of the muscles sequentially given that if we used only the movement of the arm without resorting to the push with the legs and the rotation of the waist, the effect of impact of the strike would be minimum. We have learned that the force of reaction acts in our favor, for example, at striking the Uke with a fist, when the back foot from which you strike is supported with greater firmness on the ground and the force of reaction that results is transmitted first to the body, later to the arm, and afterward to the striking hand, accumulating force in the strike. All of that leads us to think that in order to cause damage to our opponent, we should be physically well "equipped", that is, have significant bone-muscular mass apart from some fists with calluses developed through intense and prolonged training with the makiwara.

However, there is a technique that seems to challenge all of those principles by way of the heavy, overwhelming effects it exercises, in a way that the one who applies it seems to possess supernatural powers over others, even without being physically well endowed and independent of one’s age or sex. It is a technique that uses the points and the principles of Acupuncture to provoke the dysfunction of organs and/or fainting with minimum force and that can be applicable to any of the existing martial styles. This technique, jealously guarded by the ancient Masters, the Chinese martial artists and those from Okinawa, is called Kyusho-Jitsu, and back then they only transmitted it to some members of the family or to the most advanced students.

It is known by medical science that body movements are due to the synchronized flexing/extension–relaxation of the agonistic and antagonistic muscles and that these are driven by a network that transmits electric impulses denominated peripheral nerves and which in turn are connected to the marrow and to the brain, exercising a mechanism of stimulus reception and transmission of impulses that can or cannot be controlled. If we affect a nerve, we will provoke a stimulus that will travel toward the marrow and the brain and these will respond by way of a reaction to that stimulus, possibly being a reflexive reaction, that is, a stimulus that travels to  the marrow without the need of processing the information in the brain.

The research done in 1960 by the Research and Anatomical Teaching Group of the No. 1 medical school in Shanghai, through a study done on 324 Acupuncture Points, showed us an incredible connection between these points and the nerves; we know that the nerves pass between the tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, subdermic cellular tissue, bones) and if we learn the way to access them, we will be able to provoke a reaction in the Uke (pain, organic dysfunction or alterations in the state of consciousness) which will benefit us in our defensive movements.

Today, Kysuho-Jitsu has acquired an important relevance in America, Europe, and Oceania. Master Evan Pantazi has taken the research, diffusion, and perpetuation of this Art very seriously and through his recently formed organization "Kyusho International" he has given the right "touch" to the teaching of this Art by way of his excellent and well-structured program, which captivates and enchants all those who dare to pass the threshold of this knowledge which permits one to progress through distinct levels. Knowing how entertainingly and simply Master Pantazi is accustomed to giving his seminars around the world, the reader will have in his hands an authentic gem of a text, whose writing is simple and understandable for any person that wants go deeply into the fascinating and amazing world of Kyusho-Jitsu, studying the fundamental concepts for the comprehension of the application of this Art. There is no doubt that this is an indispensable book for the bibliography of all martial artists.

Dr. Sergio E. Espejo G.

5th Dan - Juarez, Mexico


"Kyusho jitsu is one of the secrets of the martial arts. The techniques and principles can be applied to any martial art to enhance it's effectiveness. By studying the principles of kyusho jitsu you will also deepen your understanding of your own particular art. Stories abound regarding some of the old karate masters extraordinary martial feats and I believe the practice of Kyusho jitsu lends credibility to some of these legends. The ideas that apply to the practice of kyusho jitsu can also be found in the healing and spiritual arts such as Acupuncture, Yoga and Chi Kung.

Master Evan Pantazi has been my principle kyusho instructor for ten years. He is a creative and innovative instructor with a wealth of information to share. This book will be a welcome addition to any martial arts library.".

Dr. Steven Downs, Nidan Kodokan Judo

Nidan Ryu Kyu Kempo, Nidan Ketsugo Ju Jitsu


"Acabo de recibir el primer libro del Shihan Evan Pantazi y puedo decir que es el mejor libro de este género que haya tenido en mis manos! Excelente
explicación, directo al punto y sin rodeos, enfocado a la vida real y a la aplicación correcta de los puntos de presión, dejando de lado "leyendas místicas" que lo unico que hacen es confundir al practicante.

Aún conociendo al Shihan Pantazi, así como su forma de trabajar y de enseñar este método...no me imaginaba que la calidad de este libro fuera tan grande!!

Mi más sincero Agradecimiento al Shihan Pantazi por continuar compartiendo sus conocimientos con nosotros y por perpetuar este arte llamado: Kyusho Jitsu."

Randall Sánchez G.

Instructor Level 3 - Costa Rica


"Cuando me entere de que el shihan pantazi sacaria al mercado un libro en español de kyusho-jitsu no dude en pedirselo al Sensei Randall ya que conozco personalmente al Shihan Pantazi, conozco su trayectoria, su humildad y su manera de trabajar este arte

Acerca del libro lo espere con ansias y valio la pena ya que con solo ver su portada, la calidad de la edicion y la forma simple y explicita de los temas me di cuenta de que es un libro que todo artemarcialista debe tener en su biblioteca personal, este libro explica paso por paso el kyusho jitsu y eso es lo que estaba esperando del mismo, felicito al shihan pantazi por tan interesante edicion y esperaremos la segunda parte".

Domo Arigato!

Ronald Ortiz Hernandez
ni-dan goshin ryu jiu jitsu C.R.
Secretario Federacion Costarricense de jiu jitsu tradicional


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