Kyusho Short Course 2


Muscle Spindel Cells & Golgi Tendon Organ - 

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This film is a short course on attacking reflexive structures of the body, that includes location, explanations, how to strike (angle and direction), some deeper discussion on affects, various methods of use and restorative methods.

The film is a one hour tutorial with a light class type feeling.  However during this short course there are so many details and deeper affects, that even if you know these points or use them regularly, you will learn more.

This was a 2 hour session, edited to one and one half hours... so you could use this as a complete class!

An example of what you will learn is a great explanation of the use of the body reflexes as opposed to simple nerve manipulation that people do not know or comprehend... and how to increase the affects of your Kyusho by tapping into both nerve and reflex structures simultaneously.

We filmed this important short course instead of the regular curriculum training at a monthly Mansfield session and depending on the feedback and popularity, we will offer more.  My thanks to the great guys in Mansfield that have agreed to give up their regular training occasionally to offer this for you.

Includes: 1.5 hours of video and full text explanation (2000 words), 

You can also have this format in your computer, smart phone or pad as well as TV (for smart or HDMI accessible models).

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1.5 hour film on MSC (Muscle Spindle Cells)
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