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This film is 50 minutes and 16 seconds of Kyusho Knife Survival Skills.

The key is not to think you will not be hurt or cut, but to survive the attack (with minimal if any damage) and subdue the opponent instantly.

In the Kyusho Basic Knife skills, we realized that techniques and a defensive method was not the best solution, it was offensive action that would keep you alive. This radical approach was at first dismissed as crazy and on the fringe, but now copied and understood, even by avid knife practitioners, to be the only solution for unarmed combat against a knife wielding attacker. In this segment of the training you closed the gap from the long range attack, entering to gain security and control.

Kyusho Intermediate knife steps further into this realm, where your ultimate survival is the goal. The goal is surviving the rush attack practiced and used in prisons and in savage real attacks today. Again the goal is survival and subduing the opponent when they have rushed you and began a stabbing or slashing frenzy, from front, side or back.

Also included are critical ideas for surviving a deep stab wound that alone is worth the price of the film, this is not common knowledge or even reflexive mindset for people.

Where techniques fail, there is Kyusho Knife method.

Kyusho Intermediate Knife was created in 2009 and just beginning to be taught and released.  This instructional video was filmed in the Mansfield Dojo as the first educational basics of the level and some added advanced concepts in Kyusho Striking and Dysfunction.  It will be no doubt as controversial as the first first, but once you train it as instructed, you will never look back at the conventional methods.  More information and film access below.

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