Individual Online Lessons



Our stepped, efficient training methods help you integrate this valuable information into your arts and lifestyle. We guarantee to help you every step of the way so that you can learn this internationally accepted and revered method. You will realize the benefits for personal, family and friends in not one, but all areas of pressure point studies. With multiple and incremental levels of study, along with cutting edge educational innovations, you choose what is best for you!

Kyusho (Vital Point Arts) is gaining widespread International support and integration into most Martial Arts styles. This Ancient system of Vital Point Manipulation can be utilized for so many aspect of your life from healing to self-defense. Correct training is needed to insure the proper use of this once secret information. It will enhance your potential and depth of understanding in an easy to learn progressive process. As well as integrating it into YOUR personal Style! 

The difficulty for most is distance from a qualified instructor, until now. The same program that has worked successfully for hundreds of people around the world is available for you. In this study program you learn via video, written instruction, informational and self study available 24 hours daily. There are supplementary classes, seminars and certification processes as well as discussion forum where you can get your questions answered 24 hours a day and learn this amazing Science with people from all over the world.