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Kyusho translates as "Vital Point" and is a study of the human condition and it’s frailties. Based on the ancient understanding of acupuncture and pressure point massage methods, but adapted with modern science... the vital point is that all of us can easily rid the body of common ailments.

Within seconds we can begin to relax and ease the pain associated with headaches, backaches, muscle and internal cramps, hiccups, asthma, nausea, sinus congestion and so many more common maladies. You can relieve stress or rid yourself and others of insomnia and many more stress related difficulties, all without expensive pills or drugs that can have serious side effects.

This type of holistic approach has been effective for many thousands of years in cultures throughout the world.  You will learn this incredible information in a unique, simple and understandable language and demonstration.  I am proud to offer this simple method of restoring Health & Wellness so that you too can help your family and friends with many of these common ailments.

This is a manual of the methods, but not the full curriculum, as one would expect, the depth and intricacies can only be conveyed with hands on application and practice under the watchful eye of an instructor.  The written materials here reflect the methods also instructed in the online Curriculum program at , minus the video presentations of the methods and the multiple layer interactive point location tool.  This program was created in a 4-layered approach to education (Intellectual, Auditory, Visual & Experiential) all aspects will reinforce the information in a more complete and functional manner.

The consistent practice of these methods will not only increase your abilities to relieve the practiced formulas, but also instruct you in the intuitive application of many other health issues.   They should not be considered stand-alone formulas, but rather ways to correct certain problems within the human body based on the foundation presented

We thank you for your interest and concern in helping others.

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As modern medicine has all but eliminated many scourges of humanity such as plagues, as well as a dramatic decrease in the number of cases of tuberculosis, measles, mumps,rubella, pertussis, rheumatic fever and more.  But there is a newcomer in these modern times bringing with it a host of physiological problems resulting in pain and proper anatomical function for good health.  Stress.

Stress affects the physical, emotional and/or the mental health of the individual.  It is the cornerstone of many health issues we endure in modern times.  And as if left untreated, can develop into more acute and chronic problems because stressful responses combine physiological and emotional aspects, which can translate the frustration into physical illness. In many situations, such as tension headaches or upset stomachs, the connections appear very obvious where many others many other issues are not.

As the physical issues become more chronic and serious, the problems may escalate into heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and cancer.  In fact the list of diseases linked to stress is almost endless, including asthma, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcers, ulcerative colitis, migraines and so many more.  It also seems most likely that stress plays a non-specific role as well with disease by hampering the bodys’ natural ability to heal itself.

What better way to aleive and dissipate stress from another than with the true caring and relaxation derived through empathetic touch.  By understanding this one simple underlying issue, many of the common maladies we face can be severely muted or removed completely over time. Also by understanding that our body works in synergy with all functions internal and external.  By working to remove the physical tension in given areas of the body, it in turn works synergisticly in many simultaneous areas and functions of our physiology.

The Kyusho Health and Wellness Program addresses local stress which in turn releases many interrelated tensions and stresses that affect our health and well being.  This is done with simple pressure on the affected muscle and nerve tissue to initiate the relaxing of tension.  To the layman this will appear to mimic other such techniques such as Shiatsu, Acupuncture or other such physical manipulation methods.  But there is a significant difference that cannot be overlooked or merely labelled “similar”.

The main difference is in the immediacy of the application and release of the tension.  When performed locally on a problem the relief begins almost immediately.  It does not require prolonged massage or needles left in for long periods of time.  The reason is in the inception of the program derived from Martial Art application of nerve manipulation, which mandates an instant shock to the system via the nerve in the opposite paradigm, that of instantly inflicting pain and dysfunction on the body.  Once introduced pain and dysfunction was administered, other physical manifestations would instantly appear. So to was the urgency and need to correct the inflicted dysfunctions and pain, hence the early beginnings of this special and unique program.  By administering multiple thousands of physical applications, observations and refining remedy to the infliction's on an international cross-section of people, cultures and genders this system generated into what is presented here.  Created, based and refined from experience not theory.

As you work each on these various levels, the practitioner begins to develop an integral empathy and skill with all the points and how they affect the body… deepening your understanding each time.

Carry these quick health recipes on any smart phone, pad or computer.... with instant access!

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