Kyusho International

3 day Intensive Training & Certification Program

With special Instructor training sessions (by invitation only)

July 7th, 8th & 9th, 2006 


Location - Keele University Sports Centre Staffordshire -  England!!!


Kyusho International is "Pointing the Way" as the world standard in Pressure Point Arts.  Based on a stepped, efficient program that saves you valuable time, money and confusion.

Our stepped, efficient training methods help you integrate this valuable information into your arts and lifestyle. We guarantee to help you  every step of the way so that you can learn this internationally accepted and  revered method. You will realize the benefits for personal, family and friends in not one, but all areas of pressure point studies. With multiple and incremental levels of study, along with cutting edge educational innovations,  you choose what is best for you!

Our schedule is set for beginner, Intermediate and Advanced practioners of every level.  Even a special session on how to teach and and develop the best Kyusho program for you and your students... this will be by invitation only, contact Jim Hulse to see if this is right for you!

Come see why we are Pointing the Way through experience, not theory!



To Book or for more information or information Email:

Jim Hulse at 


 With your host Sensei Jim Hulse

 and special Guest Instructor Evan Pantazi

for Information or Registration contact: Jim Hulse at

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My Special Thanks to Sensei Jim Hulse who hosted a great seminar in Staffordshire, England for the last 5 years.  This was the best Kyusho course ever offered in the UK and this year we will make it even better.  With packed rooms open to all interested in the Art of Kyusho Jitsu as it pertained to: Grappling, Chi Gong, Kyusho Striking, KO Techniques, Kata Breakdown and Healing with Pressure Points.  This year we are continuing our Kyusho International Training and Certification program for Members and Developer Schools.

Evan Pantazi - Instructor Level 7
Jim Hulse - Instructor Level 4
Mike Farmer - Instructor Level 1
Ian Bissix - Instructor Level 1
Darren Carrmichael - Instructor Level 1