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Top-Ten-DVD-AwardSo many times we are fooled into thinking we need huge amounts of methods or techniques to accomplish our goals. But in actuality we need few, but we do need to have them mastered... this applies in all facets of life for success.

In Kyusho we strive to learn all the points that are vulnerable on the human body at first to feel complete. But the real truth is you only need a handful that you can apply in any circumstance and in the most severe or
limiting of physical possibility. When you are under attack and under the influence of the physical limitations of adrenaline, many targets will not be available, many need intricate techniques to cause an affect.  It is the quest of the Master to limit their information and rely on tried and true targets that will achieve success, not just add to a collection as a hobby.

KV-15This compilation of 10 points are such a group of "Vital Points" that can be used with impaired sight, physical strength and motion while applied with simple gross motor skills. They are devoid of esoteric notions of elemental qualities or innumerous theoretical combinations and quite frankly nonsense. Instead they are portrayed for what they are, what they can do and ideas on how to access them to give you a glimpse for your own personal journey.

My personal goal in Kyusho is to remove the myth, mystery and nonsense that is holding this art back in becoming the universally applicable knowledge. It is no different than applying a blood choke, it is effective, proven and imperative for any real Martial Artist. Use this text to refine the "Vital Points" of your personal arsenal.

© Evan Pantazi 2009


  • The popularity of this information is in it's adaptability for any one, it is for Women, Children and Men.
  • You can learn it instantly even if you never studied self defense or martial arts.
  • Non damaging methods to escape the danger and not have further legal issues due to injury.



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