Anatomical Charts


Front Head 3-4

Finally the charts you have been looking for... made for Kyusho by a long time Kyusho practitioner, based on actual anatomical structures a with the proper method of utilization.

No longer do you need to scratch your head looking at acupuncture point charts or old cryptic drawings to find the exact point.  And the really great part is you will be able to transition through 5 layers of anatomy to see exactly what you are attacking, the best angles and methods... and get this it is universally portable on your smart phone, smart pad, laptop, computer and you can even mirror it on your widescreen TV!

These 5 layer anatomical drawings are the best in the world for accurately seeing where the point is and the underlying structures over, under and beside each.  These interactive charts lets you fade each layer individually to see the Skeletal, Vascular, Nerve, Muscle and Skin layers (and occasionally when needed, the internal organs) so you see exactly what you are trying to get to and how.

This will increase your Kyusho skills exponentially, but here is the best part... these charts will work on smart phones, smart pads, computers and even on your TV.  You will never guess where the point is again or how to get to it.  You can study at home or take them to the classes... never wonder where a point is again!

This is an example of what each chart looks like with an individual target with exacting description and explanation on how to use it.  You may have seen the chart layers downloading when you first opened the page.  If not then you will see the first layer of skin with a circle showing where the target is located generally.  To gain far greater detail, at the top left hand corner is a tab that states "LAYERS", just click n that and you will see slider controls.  These allow you to set the transparency level of each layer and adjust the exact image you need or change to really understand fully the target and it's angle of use.


108 total targets - Only the most important and combat effective targets will be added so that you do not waste time on those not as productive.  So not only will you learn more, achieve greater skill, but also not waste time, making you the best you can be as quickly as you are able... they are that valuable.... check it out:  Starting with 32 online more added each day at no extra charge.

Want to see more... this one time payment gets you access anywhere in the world and can translate to any language as well.

Platinum Subscribers the video enhanced charts are a part of your subscription, please use the chart link under your Platinum page listings..

For instant access - Buy Now! $39.95 (Digital Products are non refundable)

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Kyusho 108 - Anatomical Correct 5 layer pressure point charts (108 points)
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Anatomical Charts


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