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Welcome to "Kyusho International ®, the World Standard in Pressure Point Arts"


Kyusho International ® is an organization of highly trained, skilled and qualified instructors teaching safe, effective Kyusho.  We are dedicated to your personal assurance to receive the highest quality information in an easy to learn and methodical progression they can incorporate into any style or not.  It is seminar and personal instruction based as many will not come to a school for numerous reasons including stylistic, monetary, time and political intrusions or restrictions just to name a few!  It is a program designed to help the practitioner assimilate Kyusho into their personal methods and or style. This eliminates all of the aforementioned problems and/or reservations.  This is a program that was conceived in 1993 and undergoing refinement to the current day, (many more details and constant updates to come, as it is a living method, and has been proven successful)!  It was copyrighted in 2000.

We start all applicants as Study Group Leaders for a one year period.  At this time we coach and consult with each Study Group Leader on how to learn and teach this amazing art successfully. 

The Yearly Membership fees are only $30.00 & and additional $30.00 for Study Group Licensing.  This will register you in our International Data base and allow for major discounts in all KI events, saving you a lot of money for great training.  It also allows you to be certified in various levels of Kyusho Skill, to help you gain more skill, members and exposure. By tailoring specified number of training sessions (classes, seminars or other venues such as study groups) at International Locations, a member can accumulate time and information based on their schedule and budget.  After the time and information has been accumulated the member may now submit for level certification.  These will be conducted according to levelled structure specified in Kyusho International ®  “Bylaws” and by a qualified and certified KI Instructor. 

No Belt Ranking will occur to alleviate the political and ego difficulties that would evolve.  Instead there will be certificates of achieved levels from 1-9 for student certifications and 1-10 for Instructor Level and Master Instructor Levels.


  • Access Advanced Kyusho Forum, the largest Kyusho data base online.
  • International Membership and standardized curriculum.
  • International network of Qualified Instruction.
  • International Support (through Licensed Developers, Instructors and sanctioned Study Groups)
  • Transferable membership at any KI location
  • Internationally recognized testing and certifications
  • Member Discount to all events and classes
  • Free 2 day visiting classes all schools worldwide (Holiday and Temporary relocation... over 3 days subject to regular scheduled fees)  
  • Exposure and Recognition (through Trade Publications, Functions and Affiliations both public and private)  
Study Group Enrolment Procedures: 
This is a Yearly fee running from January 1, to December 31, of the given year.
(No partial Years are possible pay feature at the bottom of this page.)

The designation of Study Group is a probationary procedure for a minimum of 1 year prior to being qualified for a Training Instructor License. This is to insure quality and integrity in the safety, teaching, curriculum and organizational structure.

This is what sets Kyusho International ® apart and why we are recognized as the world leader in Vital Point research, education and Certification.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Kyusho International Representative.
Please follow the listed procedures below:
Step 1:
Download and physically sign this Non Disclosure -  Download - (Click Here)

Email to


Step 2:

Email the following to

An Electronic Photo to be used on

The email address you would like public  (Please use the same as your Advanced Kyusho Forum email)

Your Website address if you have one.

Step 3: Join the Kyusho Discussion Forum at:   This includes English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and German languages currently. 
Step 4: Email your Kyusho Forum Member Number (If you already have a membership use that Number) to
Step 5: Regularly Participate on the forum at.

(once approved you will gain access to a confidential forum section for Study Group Leaders that includes protocols, procedures and online help for your questions).

Step 6: Submit Yearly Kyusho International ® Fee (includes KI membership & Study Group License) all fees run from January 1 of a given year until December 31 of that same year.  No Partial Payments can be accepted.
Yearly licensing fee $60.00 for non KI members
Yearly licensing fee $30.00 for KI members ONLY
Step 7: Once accepted you will have access to additional information for training, operations and procedures to make you more successful in Kyusho.  We will guide you through the procedures and protocols all via the internet so you can learn and expand your group of Kyusho Enthusiasts.
This is not a license to teach, it is an affiliate program to gain the necessary skills and qualifications for Kyusho International Instructor Licensing.  Quality and Integrity is the cornerstone of our organization.

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