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Translated as "Vital Points" of the Human Body, also known as pressure points, Dim Mak, Dim Hsueh and even Atemi.... will make your Self Protection or Martial Art vastly superior, even for the individual with NO PRIOR TRAINING! 

Kyusho adds powerful incapacitating affect on the adversary or attacker without strength, speed or power and is so simple anyone can learn it in minutes! 

  • This means that even a Child can protect themselves against Adult attackers, molesters and those seeking to abduct them. 
  • Women can protect themselves from physical and sexual predators by using these powerful targets.
  • Men can handle opponents much larger, stronger and more athletic than they are... to protect their families and friends (not to mention themselves from assailants)... even when outnumbered or in a weapon attack!

Kyusho works by showing you where a nerve is easily accessible on the human body, everyone has them and they are your access to the nervous system of the assailant.  Unlike other methods, attacking the outer structure of the body like muscles and bones (where size is the ultimate determinant of conflict), the nerves send messages to the brain to dysfunction the muscles and physical functions.  They can even have an affect on the levels of consciousness of the attacker, so even a Child, Small Woman or Smaller Male can render the assailant incapable of motion, further attack or even knock them unconscious.

An attacker may be larger, stronger or have made themselves that way... but they can not strengthen their nerves!

Say you have an assailant that body builds (like many Prison Inmates), conventional methods will not work for a smaller victim... But We can show you a Kyusho point on the arm that can weaken the arm of the attacker when pressed, drop them if struck lightly, or with slightly more force knock them completely unconscious! 

There are many sources in today's world, some good some not, so how do you decide where to look and what to look for?  We are here for that purpose with Real Kyusho from experience not theory!  We will help you develop your personal skills safely and effectively to become highly skilled and knowledgeable!

BE WARNED: most Experts" and "World Leader's In Self Defense" tell you to

  • "break his arm"
  • "shatter your attacker's jaw"
  • "tear his trigger finger off!"
  • "snap a big guy's wrist or elbow like a stale pretzel rod"

Are you kidding me, most people do not have the stomach to physically damage anyone, even an assailant... their moral conscience will stop them at the wrong time!

This type of action will also will get you arrested!

You physically damage even an assailant and it opens you the victim to legal actions by the assailant!

By the way have you ever thought how you really practice breaking arms, jaws or ripping fingers off?

Or How about these types of claims they:

  • "guarantee you will have the skills, confidence and near-magical ability to protect your family in a violent attack and never fear any man ever again... "
  • "However, you cant wait our uncut and uncensored DVD's are here for you in our office right now. If you don't grab them now, you lose out forever."
  • "The DVD's we have in stock now are completely uncensored... with information our lawyers have told us we should remove to keep ourselves out of trouble. And as soon as we run out of our current stock, the new modified (wimpier) version will be produced."

Questions you need to ask yourself about these claims:

  • What is this "Near-Magical" sales gimmick, you buy that?
  • An uncensored DVD!!!  ( If it is edited it is censored)
  • Will you really "never fear any man ever again... " this is just stupid, someone attacks you, holds a knife to you or your family are you telling me you won't be afraid???
  • Won't you also get into legal trouble with this:  "information our lawyers have told us we should remove to keep ourselves out of trouble"

Many of these self supposed "Experts" and "World Leader's In Self Defense" also claim you can not hit a "Kyusho Point" in a real situation, but that is because they don't work with Kyusho and they need to say that to sell you a weaker and physically damaging systems product (which can get you arrested, sued and paying for the criminal to sit watching TV as you work to feed your family and now them!)

Our Position:

We won't make near magical claims, we show you where and how to access the opponents weaker areas and real affects on real people that incapacitate them without damage, so you can apply it if needed.

In fact we don't just offer a product, we offer you a real education so that you learn, quickly and completely in minutes, not years of long physical training!  The information is presented simply to teach you where the targets are, how to use them properly and even with specific training drills to increase your skill for getting to these targets in motion and under stress.

We have also been doing business around the world in over 290 locations and on the internet for 2 decades!  With over 9,000 satisfied clients (not just one time customers, but people that return time and time again) due to our superior quality, high standards and fast reliable service, we offer you that same opportunity. 

Here are the most popular questions asked:

Q: What is so special about Kyusho?
It is far more powerful and efficient than conventional self-protection methods... due to our understanding of the Human body and Functions.

How do I know I can learn it?
If you can learn any other system, you can learn Kyusho faster and have a more powerful personal protection method.  Or as a more graphic example... if a mosquito is biting your arm can you swat it?  Yes it's that easy to learn, just a bigger mosquito.

I have no martial arts skills, can I still do it?
Absolutely, it can be learned very easily as it is not based on memorized techniques, it is just knowing where the opponents weaker points are.   Kyusho can be learned by anyone regardless of martial arts experience.  All you need is a desire to learn to protect and better yourself.

Is it good for my Kids to learn?
It is the best program for your Kids as it does not need strength or size. It is a great safeguard against physical "Child Abduction".  Knowing that they can truly protect themselves, will give your child a definite edge in school, over their peers, and in life... and you peace of mind!

Is it safe?
It is far safer than any conventional method:
  * For you it will protect you better so you are safe.
       * It does not damage the assailant, it just temporarily incapacitates them so you are safe from dire legal and ethical issues.
       * It is used by Law Enforcement around the world, if it is safe for them it is safe for you.

What other benefits are there?
The same points that will protect your life can be used to heal common ailments and other unique possibilities.

Q: How can I order?
A: Just look at the selections below and click the appropriate "Add to Cart" button.

All orders are safely processed through PayPal, (priced in Euro as they are produced in Spain) you can use Credit Card, Checks, even a Bank Transfer.

Order Your Personal Protection Program now and receive a special free report!

DVD's have English, Spanish, German, French and Italian languages!

The "Top Ten Points" fourth Kyusho Book is for quick study in this powerful knowledge.

It is a compilation of 10 points that can be used with impaired sight, physical strength and motion while applied with simple gross motor skills. Portrayed for what they are, what they can do and ideas on how to access them.

Written specifically for your own personal protection in a short period of time. Only 20.00



The "Top Ten Points" DVD is to see first hand how to strike the points and their real physical effects on a person.

It is a compilation of 10 points that can be used with impaired sight, physical strength and motion while applied with simple gross motor skills. Portrayed for what they are, what they can do and ideas on how to access them.

Written specifically for your own personal protection in a short period of time.   Only 35.00



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BOOK - DVD - Weapon Defense DVD

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Here is an idea of what you will learn to do....

Learn Kyusho in minutes!

No strength or power needed!

Incapacitate the attacker in seconds!

Leave no marks or damage that can lead to legal suit!

These are real examples of the affects, the strikes are real, the affects on the people are real... the other experts will say they can't as it is too dangerous, but we say that's BS...  if you do not do it for real, how do you know it will work??

Simple, quick and effective...

We do not fake it in our videos, these people were actually hit and temporarily disabled at varying levels... add more power get  more incapacitation and physical dysfunction

Order now and receive a special free report!


Additional Educational information
For a full curriculum, additional books, DVD's or our unique Online Educational Program, Click Here


Customer Comments:
The best Self defense I have ever viewed , easy to follow, explanation is superb. It actually shocks me to see how natural and effective kyusho can be.

Id like to thank Evan and the instructors who appeared in the DVD, Thanks to them we can actually get a real reaction to the strikes

Thank you all

Billy C. - UK



Dear Mr Pantazi,
I am now back in Australia, and able to start watching your DVDs.  I am just writing to say how deeply impressed I am.  Your knowledge of both how the human nervous system works from a Western medical perspective, and the concepts used to describe Kyusho, are clearly encyclopedic. However you come across as so pleasant and articulate that I have complete faith in your ability to guide people through this vast body of knowledge. (Teaching isn't a one-sided affair though - I will do my best to learn!)
Given that there is obviously a lot to learn, I have just ordered your books.  I find it easier to refer to something that way, where I can re-read and cross-reference, rather than playing a DVD over and over again (which is never a good idea).
I think I mentioned before that my computer and internet connection don't currently have the capacity to handle the online materials.  After watching the DVDs, it is immediately evident that by far the best way to study Kyusho is with a qualified teacher.  For those of us who can't do that though, you have done a truly excellent job of making the materials accessible.
I would love to form a Study Group. However, having had just a glimpse of how deep and profound the study of Kyusho can be, I am going to spend a bit more time absorbing what I can from the discs and books before I would dare to call myself the (nominal) "leader" of a study group.
I also want to say that, fascinating though the study of the martial side of Kyusho is, I found the story near the start of the first disc, about the mother who restarted her son's heart at the baseball game, to be truly heart-warming. The study of Kyusho becomes so much more worthwhile and beneficial when it can help others - even saving their lives!
I feel that I have just taken my first step on a journey of a thousand miles.
Thank you for showing me the the right path to take!
Patrick Goldsworthy - Australia




I guess I'm the first person to get delivery! I just finished viewing it for the first time. This DVD is just awesome!!! The special report enlightened me, but this video just brought everything into a real perspective. I've been one of those who has been struggling when attempting energy transfers for whatever stage KO. As I progressed through various applications and practicing, I came to realize some of content that you have presented on this video. However, this video has really solidified the concepts and execution of the techniques. I can't wait to get to the Dojo to actually try them myself. Thank you for sharing this knowledge with us. The presentation is EXCELLENT and really brings about a true synergy with all the others videos.

Also, I think it is exceptional that you are now trying to make people understand that the ultimate Stage 3 KO is not what Kyusho is about, but more the Stage 1 and 2 KO's that really are much more applicable in "real life" encounters.

Please keep up the exceptional work you and your organization have been doing.

P.S.: Not to push you, but I hope you're already working on the healing video. Now that's really great stuff. ;-)

Dan Puliti - New Jersey, USA


Dear Shihan!

I received your new DVD yesterday. Thank you very much. This is another professional lecture. One of the most interesting!
Hope to see you on September in Germany.
Kind regards

Rafal Nocun - Poland


I received my dvd yesterday!
Great dvd!!!

Jaap Jan DeLang - Netherlands

Rx'd both the healing dvd and this dvd this week...got up early this a.m. and watched both...all I can say is WOW! Very informative AND impressive sir....thx much...

Dr. David Murdoch - Indiana, USA


I received and showed this DVD, it is EXCELLENT for to obtain better results !!
Greatest work Sir

Regis Galland - France


Great dvd. It filled in many pieces and I look forward to getting some expereince with the ideas.

Craig Sira - Michigan, USA


All great DVDs, especially combined with the book

Marcel van Drunen - Netherlands

What great DVDs!

Joannes Marien - Belgium

By the way, I have really enjoyed your kyusho video series.

Your dvd's are the best produced and most informative on the market, How about producing one on San Chin kata to go with the Iron Shirt dvd?

Ralph Jaschke - Texas, USA


Great DVDs! I've been watching over and over again and taking notes to keep it all in mind. The results were very good!

Excellent work sir!

Marc de Reus - The Netherlands


What can I say.  As per normal the DVD was great, and one would expect no less from KI.  Well worth the wait.
I enjoy the way you make Kyusho so simple in your approach. Rather then hitting multiple points to cause a disfunction, you acheive the same results with one simple strike. This again shows me TCM is just not needed.
10 out of 10 for this one. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your future work
Bob Withey - Australia


Even though I thought I already knew the info on this DVD, I got a lot out of this one. "Empty your cup!" Thank you Evan for you time and training.

Steve Merry - Massachusetts, USA


Received, very impressed with the presentation and clarity of vision and speech.

Nathan Appelyard - UK


I get the DVD last week, but there was no time to watch and study intensely. The first look is great.
A very good tool for non martial arts people and self defense. Effective technicals, short, fast and easy to use. No breaking the bones, hitting hard for blood, just easy and fast. Martial artist have always the problem in laws, if the opponent goes down and is injured or bloody.   Thank you for sharing this.

Hermann Woodtli - Switzerland


I saw the dvd like fresh water drinking !  It's useful both for experts and beginners  some differents and simple techniques enclosed in a Dvd useful for all of us... very interesting the teaching metodology..... not only kyusho and pressure points.. for me this is the Hidden secret of this powerful DVD.  All my best and congratulations for your work Sir !

Marcello Gianolla - Italy


Just wanted you to know that I received the dvd's and book and really like them.  I have also went through your dvds and books (dvd's 1-13, and books 1-3) that I bought from you a little while back and have learned a lot.  I appreciate the amount of content you put into your dvd's. 

Dr. Craig M. Bretz - Illinois - USA


I finally got the tape. Evan, it was worth waiting for. Some of the very basic simple techniques (that really work) we tend to put aside as we grow were covered and were brought back to mind. Sometimes we try to get to complicated. Anyway, good tape. DVD
Chuck Bell - Texas - USA


Dear Mr.Pantazi,
Congratulation to Your DVD Series concerning Kyusho. I have bought nearly all DVD`s. Yesterday I looked Your DVD "Iron Shirt"  and two about Wing Tsung Katas. All are very good. 
Your neurophysiologic explanations are very interesting and I could get a lot of new insights. Your DVD´s are didactically high exellent. Thank You very much. During the last years I got many new ideas to Bunkai of Karate Katas, especially for Shotokan and also in some cases for Goju Ryu stile by analysing Your books and DVD`s.
Helmut Kogel M.D.
Professor of Surgery - Germany



Dear Pantazi,

Thank you so much for all the great DVDs from you. The DVDs mean a lot to me and my Karate studies.
My most favorite DVD is the Iron Shirt DVD. I hope, this is not the last about this issue.

Many greetings from the Swiss mountains,
Daniel Schelbert - Switzerland


Incredible attention and fantastic detail with the costumer. You seriously rock, Mr. Evan.  Thanks a lot for your help and attention.

Best Regards,
Cesar M. - Spain


I think at this point it would be prudent to give you some information on my martial arts background. I have been training/studying and teaching martial arts for nearly thirty years, I hold a 4th degree red armband in Muay Thai and a first dan in ju-jitsu please have look at my website Whitehavenmuaythai.com.

Anyway you will be wondering why I am studying Kyusho, main reason is that non of us are getting younger and I want to continue training and teaching into older age. Also five years ago I had to have a knee operation and was informed that I had no cruciate ligament in my left knee, so I started looking at qi gong etc which led me to Kyusho. I did study some pressure points applications years ago in ju-jitsu but nothing in the detail and application that you guys are teaching. I have purchased most of your training DVDs and am studying them daily, and I am learning something new on each viewing. In my own quest for knowledge in the martial arts I have always looked for effectiveness and now believe that Kyusho is the holy grail that martial artists have searched for. Even though some of my students can not grasp the effectiveness and simplicity of the Kyusho strikes, probably because they have not put in the years of hard training that older martial artist have and are not ready for the training.

Anyway thank you for your instruction, I find your method of teaching and instruction to be the best in your field. You have definitely opened my eyes to the effectiveness of Kyusho and provided new and effective methods to integrate into my training and teaching

I look foreword to hearing from you

Regards Kru Tony Powe - UK

All orders are taken in Euros, for all other Countries this will be applied on your statement in the denomination of your Country, it will also supply the best exchange rates possible.

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